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The reaction also sees the changing consequences of your life in your life, not the change of planet position in your horoscopes. Stars change positions and apply feedback to our lives. Star changes your response in your life. The birth chart shows nine planets and 12 houses in the past and the future. According to Lagan, nine planets are known as ugly planets, and others are beneficial. The functional nature of the planet (benefic or bastard) is owned by Planet home.

Online Stars Change Reaction in Your Life

According to Vedic astrology, planets can be divided into auspicious and sinister planets. Online Stars Change Reaction in Your Life The auspicious planets are regarded as ominous because they are regarded as planets of the sun, Mars, and Saturn, as they have the most negative effects, as in the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. , Rahu and Ketu she But even unfortunate planets sometimes showed good results despite their ugly nature. Also, planets can give good results when they are sick. For example, in Virgo Scorpio, Pisces Moon is considered a planet of Jupiter, Mercury of the goat and Venus. Likewise, do not leave a choke in the twin results. In order to overcome the effects of unsightly planets in magazines, it is necessary to consult a good astrologer.