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In Hinduism there are 16 marriage ceremonies (the sacrament of life). Reasons for Delay in Marriage Marriage is the most common problem facing Indian society. Delays are well known in marriage. "There are many reasons why you can not find a suitable marriage. The solution to this problem is to try to find astrology in the magazine that explains the reason for your location with the help of the planet. This magazine tells about issues related to the seventh house of marriage. It was his seventh home loss, but marriage will be delayed. Astrology has some of the most common causes of delayed marital phlolova.

Online Reasons for Delay in Marriage

There are many reasons for delaying marriage. As far as marriage is concerned, Venus and Jupiter are very important. Online Reasons for Delay in Marriage Teachers play an important role in predicting marriage. But it can improve the likelihood of a well-placed Venus marriage, but not sure happy marriage, marriage weak position Venus strikes. Astrology is not delayed to get married to get clear information on why.