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Vastu prediction is an ancient science of architecture and construction. And design, Layout, measuring, preparing the ground, space systems and describes the principles of spatial geometry texts that are in the Indian subcontinent. Vastu prediction contains traditional Buddhist and Hindu beliefs in some cases. Vastu prediction is the science, art, astronomy and astrology connects; it is also for the design and construction can be termed as an ancient mystical science. Vastu prediction helps us to live better and will ensure have things gone wrong. Vastu is trying to achieve harmony and echo between the universe, the house and its inhabitants.

Ravi Kant Shastri ji is a dynamic, versatile and multifaceted personality. He praised the international research Astrological Professional and one of the growing stars in astrology in the world today. With astrological career spanning 15 years, he decides predicted for thousands of people who feel uplifted, happy, and confident because of its unique insight and a keen knowledge of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu - prediction and feng-shui, Palmistry and gemologist.

Vastu prediction specialist

Vastu prediction is the ancient science of architecture and construction. These are texts in the Indian subcontinent which describe the design principles, layout, and measurement, preparation of terrain, spatial planning and spatial geometry. Vastu prediction incorporates traditional Hindu in some cases and Buddhist beliefs. Vastu prediction unites science, art, astronomy and astrology; it can also be said as an ancient mystical science of design and construction.