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Pitra Dosh Ancestor is known as Hindi Pitra. Pitra died of an unnatural death, and they should not be saved. Because of this they begin to heal the Pitra error solution. Because the Hindu scriptures are written, we must worship God who worships our ancestors. So you must be satisfied with the first ancestor who was happy in all aspects of his god. According to Ashbin Krishna's Hindu calendar month, ancestors are the first period of ancestral peace.

Online Pitra Dosh

There was also a question for ancestors who wanted to get relief from Pitra Yoni. Online Pitra Dosh However, if a young person dies from an inexplicable death from a family member or a Pitra disorder occurs, an error occurs if the defect occurs multiple times. If family members cannot remember their ancestors and their ancestors do not provide food or water, they can happen in spiritual activity. Pitra defects or family members can be killed or destroyed in a cow fetal womb if the family is interested in mental work. In this case, the Pitra deficiency problem is that the person who was born in the ninth house in chart form exists with the sun.