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Venetian or Hindu astrology is a combination of nine planets called 9 planets and placed on the Vedic Birth Chart or the constellations of twelve constellations. The faint planet Ketu, which includes Effects of Nine Planets and seven visible planets and nine planets, two natural and all good and bad influences, the lives of people in the world and the lives of people on earth have caused evil Are considered. Save the planet and serve as a gateway for the power of the stars in the discussion and create a global climate or influence. We can derive the global impact of climate or geographical facts related to daily use of regional campus climate in our region. Vedic astrology is a planet or six, depending on the specific abilities considered divine, nature, and they have unique qualities that provide positive and negative effects, respectively. The specific location of the planet in the Vedic birth chart, his life on the local planet, the devil or mixed effect is described. A person is drawn based on the time of Benedict birth chart or constellation 9 planet position of his / her birth, and indeed the event is actually a map or plan of life, and the good and bad events of the original happened through sin. Life Summit. The world loves our insightful astrology Yantra. The birth chart, The Planets, takes a number of steps to solve the problem and offers a full range of suffering and suffering.

Online Effects of Nine Planets

But people all over the world shine in their departments and help the nine planets affect humanity's lives in the hands and planets with peace, happiness, success, and prosperity around the world. The online effects of the nine planets Each of the nine planets is good and evil, the planet's characteristics or quality at certain locations of the positive and negative impacts of the birth chart, the planetary effects of certain planets, and so on. Common ingredient results, planet, sun, moon macro preserves nature; Venus and Mercury Planets are nature's Rajas. The best features of Mars, Saturn, and Rafuwaketu. Again, the planet is generally beneficial and fallacious.