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Aura 'is a person or object in a specific environment surrounding electromagnetic waves, and a lot of information reveals the nature of the person involved. Aura Enhancement Each person or other creature or object has a specific color; Therefore, the aura is a physical or spiritual signal. Electromagnetic force composed of seven layers is about 2-3 degrees spread into the oval shaped light around the person in the field, including the foot and the side of the head on the ground. Organisms [people, plants, etc.] due to time changes [stones, water, crystals, etc. that are not living things are kept in a stable state] Electromagnetic radiation is used to generate high frequency microwave and infrared (IR) rays and high frequency ultraviolet UV) rays. The high frequency part is related to the consciousness of such feeling, our conscious activity, low frequency part, [DNA structure, circulation, metabolism, etc.] The frequency part is very important and the learned reader may look nude with light.

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Separate conferences [especially as part of specific means] refer to strength and color of the head and surroundings. Online Aura Enhancement A good religious person or spiritual leader / teacher usually brightly expresses a clearly defined yellow golden halo around your head. Generally speaking, the vast majority of people on Earth are very weak, dark and dry Oah. They suppress the various evils, their true nature and goodness, as if they were the physical aspects of their lives, hunger, greed, and direct consequences.